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​Queensland Health

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Unvaccinated Children and Vaccine Preventable Contagious Conditions under the Public Health Act 2005 (Qld)

Under s.166 of Public Health Act 2005 (the Act) school principals have the legal authority to direct a parent to remove from school any unvaccinated child who is at risk of contracting a vaccine preventable contagious condition. This power is required to protect unvaccinated children from becoming infected and to prevent further spread of the condition within the school community.

There has been a child at the school who has been confirmed with Whooping Cough which is a vaccine preventable condition. This child is currently not at school and has received treatment for this condition.

I have consulted with the Public Health Unit, which advises that any unvaccinated children who may have had contact with this child should be removed from the school and not return to school until this outbreak of Whooping Cough is declared over. This advice and further information on this condition can be found at the Queensland Health web site.

If you think your child may have developed Whooping Cough, then I recommend you seek medical advice as soon as possible. Please advise the medical practice before your visit that the condition may be contagious. You can also contact your local Public Health Unit who can provide you with further advice.

If you have any concerns regarding this advice, please contact the school on 3442-3777.

Yours sincerely

George Bartlett

Beenleigh State High School